Company | History

It all began in 1988, with only one slate deposit, hand excavated, a circular saw, 5 partners and 5 workers in the city of Pompéu, Minas Gerais, Brazil. From the first moment we had two valuable assets – our own deposits and, above all, the compulsive determination of hard work. Over the years we have kept these assets intact.

We started to grow, initially acting in the national market. Then we opened new fields, built new manufacturing facilities and acquired new machines.

In 1998, we entered the world markets vigorously and established an International Division in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Participating in international fairs and getting closer to potential customers in other countries our expansion has entered at an accelerated pace.

In the year 2000, we carried out the expansion of our manufacturing facilities, equipped with modern machines and adopted new production techniques. This year we also inaugurated our new Administrative Building, built and structured with the most modern equipment and technologies in data processing and communication.


Our full expansion in a planned, consistent and well-managed manner continued in the year 2001 with the expansion of the manufacturing facilities which included the acquisition and assembly of a modern tile factory.
Achieving its goals and successively achieving its goals, MICAPEL SLATE in 2003 focuses on its organizational and commercial structure with the improvement of its capabilities in the areas of Administration, Quality Control, Marketing, Communication and Prospecting, in order to improve the development in processes efficiently and in the marketing of its products.


At present, thousands of metric tons of slate are extracted from our deposits, where they are benefited and exported monthly to dozens of countries. Always striving to control our processes, from the prospecting, extraction, processing and delivery of the products, satisfaction of our clients and the valuation of the professionals who work in the various sectors of our company, worrying about the environment and with actions of support to the community.