Plates for Raised Floor

The flooring stone of choice for your commercial, industrial or residential project

DIAMOND GREY stands out as the material for preferential use for Raised Floors in the future, worldwide, in all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial jobs, replacing other traditional materials used for Raised Floors, such as steel, which oxides and has high electric conductivity, and wood, which decomposes, warps, gets soaked with water and is easily flammable, making it subject to fires.

Face with special finish and calibrated back Honed surface and calibrated back

Special sizes, formats and finishes supplied according to specifications.

is the product that meets all requirements for Raised Floor projects:


DIAMOND GREY is the right solution for modern RAISED FLOORS as it enables quick and easy access to residential, commercial and industrial installations.

– Flexibility for changing office layouts;

DIAMOND GREY plates can be used in both internal and external areas as well as in stair steps

– Installing and changing air-conditioning ducts and vents, electricity cabling, data processing cabling, as well as, for example pipes for water supply, sewage, gas, rainwater drainage.

DIAMOND GREY provides for a great variety of formats, sizes, and design for practical and esthetic installation patterns.